New site of the Integraal Medisch Centrum and Sutherland College of Osteopathy

wpid-20140129_102034.jpgfamilieshoot 279 (Small)I am an English-speaking, Dutch and UK-registered osteopath (DO, M.Ost), available for consultations and treatment at the Integraal Medisch Centrum, in Amsterdam (Map).


I see patients with a wide variety of complaints, who are looking for more than just short-term pain-relief, and who want to be able to partake in their activities of daily life with both comfort and confidence.

My treatments focus on restoring self-sustaining balance and health by addressing underlying patterns of strain and dysfunction throughout the body. A graduate of the European School of Osteopathy in the UK, I am trained in a broad range of examination and treatment techniques. This background supports a patient-centred approach in which I aim to apply the most appropriate strategy for each individual.


Examples of the type of complaints or issues that patients come to me with:



♦ muscle and joint pain
♦ back pain
♦ neck and shoulder pain
♦ headaches
♦ injury prevention/rehabilitation
♦ arthritic pain
♦ sports injuries
♦ gastrointestinal issues
♦ pregnancy/maternity issues
♦ whiplash
♦ chronic pain
♦ repetitive strain injuries
♦ recurrent injuries


For enquiries or to make an appointment, please call or send a message.

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