The Integraal Medisch Centrum is accepting new appointments. Hygiene and distancing measures are in place throughout the building, in line with guidelines from the RIVM (dept. of Health) and NOF (Dutch Osteopathic Federation), and a screening by telephone is provided for all patients before they arrive. For further details about the measures, both in and outside of the treatment room, please feel free to contact me.


I am an English-speaking, Registered Osteopath (DO, M.Ost, NRO), available for consultations and treatment at the Integraal Medisch Centrum, in Amsterdam (Map).

I see patients with a wide variety of complaints, who are looking for more than just short-term pain relief, and who want to be able to partake in their activities of daily life with both comfort and confidence.

My treatments focus on restoring self-sustaining balance and health by addressing underlying patterns of strain and dysfunction throughout the body. A graduate of the European School of Osteopathy in the UK, and College Sutherland in Amsterdam, I am trained in a broad range of examination and treatment techniques. This background supports a patient-centred approach in which I aim to apply the most appropriate strategy for each individual.


Typical reasons for seeking help from an osteopath:


♦ muscle and joint pain
♦ back pain
♦ neck and shoulder pain
♦ headaches
♦ injury prevention/rehabilitation
♦ arthritic pain
♦ sports injuries
♦ gastrointestinal issues
♦ pregnancy/maternity issues
♦ whiplash
♦ chronic pain
♦ repetitive strain injuries
♦ recurrent injuries


For enquiries or to make an appointment, please call or send a message.

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